Past Promos & Bonus Content

Episode Promos – Each episode of the show is promoted with a short, often humorous advertisement. They are collected here, listed in reverse chronological order, by guest.

Ep72? Note Right Now – Listen/Download
??????? (“Looking Forward”) – Listen/Download
Jordan D. White Returns (“Go ahead, make my birthday”) – Listen/Download
Sarah Marcus-Donnelly (“Busy”) – Listen/Download
Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo (“Household Mysteries”) – Listen/Download
Ruth Foley (“Scott C the Wondrous”) – Listen/Download
Bernard Grant (“Learning Language with The SAFTAcast”) – Listen/Download
Happy New Year (Sundress Academy 2017 holiday message) – Available on YouTube
2016 Annual Holiday Music Special (“Advent Calendar”) – Listen/Download
Dan Crocker Returns (“A New Bit”) – Listen/Download
Lauren Eggert Crowe (“C’s AutoLot”) – Listen/Download
Les Kay Returns (“Hurricane Matthew Weather Update”) – Listen/Download
Bonus stuff? (“One from the Vaults”) – Listen/Download
Catherine Moore (“Morning Announcements”) – Listen/Download
Emily Capettini (“I ask you, Mort in Kentucky!”) – Listen/Download
Trish Hopkinson (“Live from Cancun!”) – Listen/Download
Kristin LaTour 2 (“60 Seconds”) – Listen/Download
Kristin LaTour 1 (“V to I”) – Listen/Download
Neil Aitken Returns (“The Card Player: A Monologue”) – Listen/Download
Chen Chen (“SAFTAcast Summer Kitchen”) – Listen/Download
Ruben Quesada (“Format Change”) – Listen/Download
Sarah Ann Winn (“King Prom the First”) – Listen/Download
A.D. Carson (“Happy Mother’s Day from Charles Heston”) – Listen/Download
Saba Razvi (“Scott C goes to the Dentist”) – Listen/Download (Bonus, cut content: Listen/Download)
Letitia Trent (“The Discourtesy Phone”) – Listen/Download
Erin Elizabeth Smith (“SAFTAcast 2nd Birthday”) – Listen/Download
Hiatus (“Here’s Why We’re on Hiatus This Week”) – Listen/Download
Mx Mack (“Audio Experimenting”) – Listen/Download
Bonus Content Blitz (“Iron Soap Floral Wash”) – Listen/Download
Happy New Year (Sundress Academy 2016 holiday message) – Listen/Download
2015 Holiday Show (“Scott C sings a carol”) – Listen/Download
Todd Kaneko (“The Dangerous Dane 2”) – Listen/Download
Lisa Marie Basile (“Halloween Safety with Charlston Heston”) – Listen/Download
Jill Alexander Essbaum (“Homecoming/Good Boys”) – Listen/Download
Kaya Oakes (“Pumpkin Spice Ammo”) – Listen/Download
Jim Warner (“Liza Daredevil & Scott C”) – Listen/Download
Pamela Taylor (“The First Ever SAFTAcast Listener Contest Results”) – Listen/Download
Sarah Chavez (“Cacophony”) – Listen/Download
Daniel M. Shapiro (“Play it again, Steve”) – Listen/Download
Les Kay (“Cow Slander/2+5=S, #2”) – Listen/Download
Amorak Huey (“SCOTTCLIES2+5=S”) – Listen/Download
Julie Brooks Barbour (“Invocation of Summer”) – Listen/Download
Summer Movie Preview (“Infomercial”) – Listen/Download
Margaret Bashaar (“The SAFTAcast Auditory Temporal Machine”) – Listen/Download
Chris Johnson (“Commencing”) – Listen/Download
Randacast (“Live from Minneapolis!”) – Listen/Download
Vacation! (“The Tire Squeal Was a Happy Accident During the Recording”) – Listen/Download
Juliet Cook (“To this Day: April Fool’s Day”) – Listen/Download
T.A. Noonan (“It’s a Wonderful Scott C”) – Listen/Download
Neil Aitken (“An Omitted Apology”) – Listen/Download   Uncensored version – Listen/Download
Sarah Einstein (“What am I Holding in this Paper Bag?”) – Listen/Download
Chris Sims (“The Dangerous Dane”) – Listen/Download
Janeen and Rick Rastall (“Dine & Dashiell Hammett”) – Listen/Download
Chris Petrucceli (“Breaking News”) – Listen/Download
Happy New Year (Sundress Academy 2015 holiday message) – Listen/Download
Nicole Oquendo (“Spirit of the Season”) – Listen/Download
Noh Anothai (“Tis the Season”) – Listen/Download
Jamison Stalsworth (“Tales from The Cast”) – Listen/Download
Darren C. Demaree (“The Auto Promo Promo Maker”) – Listen/Download
Mary Stone (“SAFTAcast en SAP!”) – Listen/Download
Leslie LaChance (“SAFTAcast Fall Preview”) – Listen/Download
Tim Gager (“Testimonial”) – Listen/Download
Donna Vorreyer (“Scott C is Nude!”) – Listen/Download
Sandy Marchetti (“This Things I Believe”) – Listen/Download
Karyna McGlynn (“Phone Tree”) – Listen/Download
Marcel Brouwers (“Don’t ask, just run!”) – Listen/Download
Kevin Brown (“Bible Time with Rev. Scott C”) – Listen/Download
Leigh Anne Hornfeldt and Chris McCurry (“Gramophone”) – Listen/Download
Dan Crocker (“The Sounds of Summer”) – Listen/Download
Jordan D. White (“Scott C and the Ducks”) – Listen/Download
Margaret Bashaar (“The Following Is”) – Listen/Download
Danny Hoey Jr. (Pt. 2) (“The Appeal to Sex”) – Listen/Download
Danny Hoey Jr. (Pt. 1) (“A Sad Announcement”) – Listen/Download
Launch Trailer #2 (“Job Offer”) – Listen/Download
Launch Trailer #1 (“No Trees”) – Listen/Download

Episode and Promo BONUS content – Additional or cut content from episodes and/or promos

Scott C on Promo Making – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
AWP 2016 “Mugshot” Contest promo – Listen/Download
“Breaking News” Promo (Complete speech of the “semi-intelligent yokel”) – Listen
“Happy New Year” Promo (Alternate take, featuring Luke M, Chris J, and Scott C) – Listen
“Tales from The Cast” Promo (Alternate ending) – Listen/Download
“Scott C Mic Tests #1” – Listen
“Scott C Mic Tests #2” – Listen
Throwback: Scott C college radio show opening – Listen
Episode 47 – Bonus Content Blitz (multiple bonus pieces) – Listen

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