Past Episodes

Past Episodes

Episodes are listed in reverse chronological order.

Episode 71 – Jordan D. White RETURNS – We mark our 3rd “birthday” with an all-new interview with one of our first guests, Marvel comics’ Jordan D. White. Listen/Download

Episode 70 – Sarah Marcus-Donnelly – Bear and horses and tattoos – oh my! Sarah Marcus-Donnelly is here to explain all of them in this wide-ranging chat. Listen/Download

Episode 69 – Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo – Xochitl-Julisa is a fan of the California redwood, which may not be surprising. But how she celebrated her book release, who her favorite movie star is, and much more may be. Listen/Download

Episode 68 – Ruth Foley – Poet Ruth Foley says Plymouth Rock is not worth your time. And you can trust this MA native about a great many things.  Listen/Download

Episode 67 – Bernard Grant – What is it about cats that make them great pets? Bernard Grant has an idea – and an idea that essay writing is a “life skill.” Listen/Download

Episode 66 – Santa with Muscles – It’s a very special holiday episode! Former guests Letitia Trent and Todd Kaneko join Scott C for a roundtable viewing and discussion of the Hulk Hogan film Santa with Muscles. Ho! Ho! No! Listen/Download

Episode 65 – New Year’s Music (“Holiday Music 2016”) – On our annual holiday music special, Scott C looks at the music of New Year’s Eve. Listen/Download

Episode 64 – Dan Crocker RETURNS – One of our first guests, Dan Crocker, returns to talk about “nerd culture” in 2016, and the one time Dungeons & Dragons helped him find love. Listen/Download

Episode 63 – Lauren Eggert-Crowe – Halloween was made for Lauren Eggert-Crowe, or was she made for Halloween? Get your costume, decorating, and reading juices flowing with this great, seasonal conversation. Listen/Download

Episode 62 – Les Kay RETURNS – The SAFTAcast returns to catch up with poet Les Kay, to get his prediction about the Dallas Cowboys’ season, his thoughts on Bob Dylan as Nobel Prize winner, and to chat about his latest book. Listen/Download

Episode 61 – A Quick One with Scott C – Scott C does a solo “mini-cast” to talk about new Sundress offerings and announce a new contest. Listen/Download

Episode 60 – Catherine Moore – Poet Catherine Moore stops in to answer the tough questions: What European City suits her best, and is Gen X afraid of it’s children? Listen/Download

Episode 59 – Emily Capettini – Emily Capettini has some choice words for John Updike – and for how pompous Oreo cookies have become. Listen/Download

Episode 58 – Trish Hopkinson – Starting a poetry community is not easy, but the benefits outweigh the costs. Especially when it’s in Utah, as native Trish Hopkinson can tell you. Listen/Download

Episode 57 – Kristin LaTour – No matter the topic – be it meat raffles or absurd purses, Kristin’s got some thoughts. And she shares some of them in this great visit to the show. Listen/Download

Episode 56 – Neil Aitken RETURNS – Poet Neil Aitken stops by to update us on how life has been since his dissertation, and his desire to enter the world of podcasting. Listen/Download

Episode 55 – Chen Chen – If you want to talk Buffy, the Vampire Slayer with poet Chen Chen, you best come prepared. The same goes for many topics, actually. Listen/Download

Episode 54 – Ruben Quesada – What’s Ruben Quesada’s special, secret kitchen weapon? Can anyone really say “I’m from L.A.”? These questions and more get answered as he sits down to join us for a chat. Listen/Download

Episode 53 – Sarah Ann Winn – The 2nd of our Ep22a guests drops by for a full episode. A seasonal chat, she and Scott C discuss their summer plans, camp experiences, and history’s favorite joke topic. Listen/Download

Episode 52 – A.D. Carson – Poet, performance artist, scholar, musician, activist A.D. Carson stops by the show to talk about hip-hop in the classroom, the importance of listening to students, and the time he met Natasha Trethewey. Listen/Download

Episode 51 – Saba Razvi – In the wake of Prince’s death, poet Saba Razvi opens up about her love of  pens, traveling, and road trips. And she teaches us how to folded a fitted sheet. Yes, it can be done. Listen/Download

Episode 50 – Letitia Trent – What scares you? If you’re author Letitia Trent, it’s not Stephen King or 1980s slasher horror films. No, you love them. Letitia tells us why they’re so good, and gives Scott C a lesson in using mindfulness as therapy. Listen/Download

Episode 49 – Erin Elizabeth Smith – Sundress/SAFTA’s founder is on the show – and gives us a behind-the-scenes look at SAFTA, tells us why she’s tired of food in tube form, and faces off against some listener questions! Listen/Download

Episode 48 – Mx Mack – What does the ship on Star Trek: Voyager look like? How do you learn to build monsters? Poet Mx Mack returns for a full length episode and has the answers, along with some kick-ass thoughts on poetry!  Listen/Download

Episode 47 – Bonus Content Blitz – Scott C cracks open the SAFTAcast audio vault to present a slew of things: Mic tests, bloopers, cut content, a lost promo, and more! Listen

Episode 46 – Gemma Cooper-Novack – Poetry, fiction, plays – Gemma Cooper-Novack is a triple threat, and when she and Scott C find they are both life-long theater veterans, they just have to start comparing “director’s notes.” Listen/Download

Episode 45 – Sam Slaughter – Spirits writer Sam Slaughter stops by to give advice on treating your bartender, as well as tips on how to turn a love for good alcohol into a lifestyle. Listen/Download

Episode 43/44 – Alternative Santas (“Holiday Music 2015”) – Originally a 2-part special, Scott C gives an audio tour through ten non-traditional Santa Claus characters in holiday songs. Listen/Download

Episode 42 – Todd Kaneko – What is the appeal of pro wrestling? And is it on the same level as Hamlet? Author of The Dead Wrestler Elegies, Todd Kaneko tries to answer these questions, but he and Scott C get distracted talking about dessert. Listen/Download

Episode 41 – Lisa Marie Basile – Recorded right before Halloween, Luna Luna founder Lisa Marie Basile stops by to discuss the allure of the occult, and debate the merits of living in NYC. Listen/Download

Episode 40 – Jill Alexander Essbaum – Holy cow, Jill Alexander Essbaum is on the show. In a rollicking conversation, she talks about the allure of France, the appeal of the Houston Rockets, and she and Scott C have a mutual fascination with Jonestown. Listen/Download

Episode 39 – Kaya Oakes – “Aren’t we all ‘indie’ at this point?” That’s the question we pose to the awesome Kaya Oakes when she drops by. Her answer is surprising – but not as surprising as her choices for favorite airports, and why moving sucks so much. Listen/Download

Episode 38 – Jim Warner – Jim Warner loves music, and is not afraid to chat about it. And neither is Scott C as the two swap their first albums, audio “litmus tests” and more. Listen/Download

Episode 37 – Pamela Taylor – What, exactly, is “Argentine Tango”? Poet Pamela Taylor can tell you – but she can also tell you about growing up in NYC and the importance of befriending a good stylist. Listen/Download

Episode 36 – Sarah A. Chavez – How does Scott C take his coffee? Find out in this episode, as poet Sarah Chavez stops by to give some thoughts on coffee, desserts and music biopics. Listen/Download

Episode 35 – Daniel M. Shapiro – Pittsburgh poet Dan Shapiro once met makeup legend Tom Savini in a bowling alley, Burt Reynolds in a hat, and fish when he went SCUBA diving – and tells Scott C all about these encounters and more! Listen/Download

Episode 34 – Les Kay – How will the Dallas Cowboys do in 2015? Poet and fan Les Kay has a prediction, and speculates on how Shakespeare is useful in the corporate world. Listen/Download

Episode 33 – Amorak Huey – It’s sports day on the show as journalist turned poet Amorak Huey stops by to explain why he loves newspapers, poker, and the Auburn Tigers. Listen/Download

Episode 32 – Julie Brooks Barbour – Poet Julie Brooks Barbour has some strong things to say about pedagogy and her Southern roots. And “Mother Nature” has some strong things to say about recording an episode during a thunderstorm. Listen/Download

Episode 31 – Summer Movie Preview – In this mini-sode, Scott C sits down with filmmaker Jamison “Dr. MoonRat” Stalsworth to get each other’s thoughts on six Summer blockbusters. Are they worth seeing? Or should you cower in shame? – Listen/Download

Episode 30 – Margaret Bashaar RETURNS – It’s the first return guest on The SAFTAcast! Poet Margaret Bashaar gives us another hour, talking about getting a home loan and why “giving no fucks” can make you poetry famous. Listen/Download

Episode 29 – Chris Johnson – Knoxville visual artist Chris Johnson stops by Firefly Farms to eat sausage with Scott C, and discuss graffiti’s power to save lives. [Recorded live at Firefly Farms] Listen/Download

Episode 28 – The RANDAcastThe SAFTAcast visits the annual AWP convention and speaks with fifteen random guests. Recorded at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Listen/Download

Episode 27a – “Vacation” – Scott C may have taken an episode “off,” but he checks in with the latest news from The Sundress Academy. Listen/Download

Episode 27 – Juliet Cook – The brains behind Blood Pudding Press comes by the show to praise gourmet cupcakes, and weigh in on a very important matter: Is it okay to wear socks to bed? Listen/Download

Episode 26 – T.A. Noonan – It’s our first birthday, and T.A. Noonan is here! She tells how her high school got banned from the USPS website, the undying fear of Robert Stack, and answers listener questions! Listen/Download

Episode 25 – Neil Aitken – Programmer turned poet and editor Neil Aitken is on the show! He gives Scott C a glimpse into the games industry, what it was like growing up in Canada, and why Sherlock Holmes can be described as “Part man. Part machine. All detective.” Listen/Download

Episode 24 – Sarah Einstein -In the dark heart of winter are the Austrian winter demons, which Sarah gives us a glimpse of – as well as what makes the Star Trek reboot kind of suck. (And there’s also a creepy, prophetic thought about Leonard Nimoy, just two days before his death.) Listen/Download

Episode 23 – Chris Sims – Podcaster, writer, and critic Chris Sims comes on to discuss the roots of his love for Batman, Power Rangers, and pro wrestling. Listen/Download

Episode 22a – Sarah Winn & Mx Mack – In another thirty-minute mini-sode, poets Sarah Winn and Mx Mack stop by to discuss their SAFTA “Monsterworks” workshop and reading – how they got the gig and what a person can expect to learn from the event. Listen/Download

Episode 22 – Janeen and Rick Rastall – If you think the Upper Peninsula of Michegan is dull, Janeen and Rick will set you straight. It’s a place full of life, and love stories performed on stage. Listen/Download

Episode 21 – Chris Petruccelli – What can be learned from tree rings? Chris Petruccelli knows – he’s a tree scientist (and a poet). But it’s not just about trees on the episode – there is also pizza, board games, and a lot of vulgarity. Listen/Download

Episode 20.x – Paxil on Earth (“Holiday Music 2014”) – In this thirty-minute mini-sode, Scott C explores the holiday music sub-genre of depressing Christmas songs and does a countdown of seven of the biggest “downers.” Listen/Download

Episode 20 – Nicole Oquendo – Comic books, Dungeons & Dragons, and Dr. Who – Scott C nerds out with author Nicole Oquendo. But it’s not just two dorks geeking out. Listen/Download

Episode 19 – Darius Stewart – Poet Darius Stewart drops by talk about his favorite Christmas song, his passion for cooking, and the failure of Kirk Cameron. Listen/Download

Episode 18 – Noh Anothai – Do you feel guilty for watching Sailor Moon? Do you wonder what 7-11s are like in Thailand? Our guest has some answers to these questions (and some others as well).  Listen/Download

Episode 17 – Jamison StalsworthWhen good movies go bad, when bad movies go good, and why we need to love Manos: The Hands of Fate – it’s movie day on the SAFTAcast with filmmaker Jamison Stalsworth! Listen/Download

Episode 16 – Darren C. Demaree – Why are some writers assholes? Poet Darren Demaree tries to answer that question, along with what makes Tom Waits popular, and why kitschy road trips are disappearing. Listen/Download

Episode 15 – Mary Stone – You haven’t lived until you have lived Mary Stone’s life (even vicariously). Small town jails, porn stores, people named Donkey – it’s a hell of a ride. Listen/Download

Episode 14 – Leslie LaChance – Nashville author Leslie LaChance is on the show! She talks about the awesomeness of both TN and Upstate NY, then gets Scott C to admit he hated E.T. And Scott C takes another shot at his high school classmates. Listen/Download

Episode 13 –Timothy Gager – Multi-genre author Timothy Gager drops in and addresses a large load of stuff including The Carpenters, child stars, old TV, classic rock, The Who, self-publishing, self-promotion, and the dawn of e-books. Listen/Download

Episode 12 – Donna Vorreyer – Ever try to eat lunch in a building during a tear gas attack? Traveler and poet Donna Vorreyer has. And she knows a few things about Star Wars, too. Listen/Download

Episode 11 – Sandy Marchetti – It’s sports day on The SAFTAcast as poet and editor Sandy Marchetti stops by to talk baseball, especially the Chicago Cubs. Listen/Download

Episode 10 – Karyna McGlynn – What’s the point of Waffle House? What’s the best movie about time travel? Poet and comedian Karyna McGlynn and Scott C try to find the answer to those – and other – questions. Listen/Download

Episode 9 – Marcel Brouwers – Tennessee poet Marcel Brouwers comes on by to chat about summer foods, childhood toys and the appeal of a good mystery. Listen/Download

Episode 8 – Kevin Brown – Author and teacher Kevin Brown stops by to weigh in on science versus faith, good Shakespeare plays and why a lot of Christian movies and TV shows just aren’t that good. Listen/Download

Episode 7 – Double guests Leigh Anne Hornfeldt and Chris McCurry chat about bad tattoos, birdwatching and finding positive things to say about Twilight. Recorded live at  Firefly Farms in TN. Listen/Download

Episode 6 – Daniel Crocker – Author Dan Crocker stops by to talk about lead poisoning, the state of pro wrestling, and ask if there are any really good sitcoms on TV anymore. Listen/Download

Episode 5 – Jordan D. White – Marvel Comics editor Jordan D. White sits down with Scott C to talk about the business, diet sodas, and whether Scott C should revisit Disney World. Listen/Download

Episode 4 – Margaret Bashaar – Poet Margaret Bashaar comes to chat about ex-loves, ex-orcisms and internet pornography circa 1995. Hilarity ensues. Listen/Download

Episode 3 – Part 2 of our chat with Danny Hoey Jr. This time around, we discuss fried chicken, family and have a therapy session with each other. Listen/Download

Episode 2 – Author Danny Hoey Jr. joins Scott C for a chat about country music, the career of actress Robin Wright and when social media can be bad for writers. Listen/Download

Episode 1 – Ken Robidoux – Is West Virginia worth visiting? Connotation Press’s main man thinks so. But he also he has some thoughts about modern music, young writers, and the imminent death of a popular student essay topic. Listen/Download


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