About the Show

Logo - smallerThe SAFTAcast is a fresh take on the writer’s podcast because the writing doesn’t matter. Seriously, we don’t care what our guests have done. Or how they did it. We will not help our listeners get published, learn the in-and-outs of genre writing, or improve their poetry. Save that for another show.

Here, we want to know about the creators, not the creation. Who are the people who write, edit, and/or publish stuff? What do they find interesting? What are their passions? On the SAFTAcast, there are no setup questions, no pre-packaged answers, and no stack of blue cards on a table. It’s casual conversation, like two people getting to know each other over coffee at a good diner. Entertaining, informal, and insightful, our guests talk about what they want to talk about.

New episodes and promos are released alternating weeks and are always DRM-free to download, share, and enjoy. So, check back each Wednesday because, let’s face it, your daily commute is kind of dull.

The SAFTAcast welcomes your feedback about the program. Please direct your thoughts to
scottc at saftacast dot com.

NOTE: At this time, the SAFTAcast is not openly soliciting or accepting queries for guests. Our roster is pretty packed right now. When we decide to open things up, we will tell you.


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