About the Host

Scott C

Things Scott “C” Fynboe has done:

– DJed at WHRW-Binghamton for seven years, hosting a variety of music, game, and talk shows.
– Mobile DJed weddings, proms, reunions, karaoke nights, and at least one bar mitzvah.
– Performed improv comedy as a member of The Pappy Parker Players.
– Acted in both musical and not-musical theater.
– Written and published some poems.
– Shopped for a futon.
– Taught English at a Florida college.

Things Scott C has not done:

– Visited Europe.
– Worn denim to a black-tie event.
– Owned a hammock or a gazebo.
– Studied dentistry.
– Vomited on a retired postal worker.
– Woken up before he go-go’d.
– Some other stuff.


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