May 16 Press Release


May 16, 2017 – Sundress Podcast, The SAFTAcast, goes on indefinite hiatus.

Host Scott C apologizes for lack of communication.

Binghamton, NY – On March 24, The SAFTAcast celebrated its third “birthday” with episode 71. Aside from a couple of promos in the weeks that followed, there has been nothing from the show – no episodes, promos, or social media communication. This had led to speculation that the podcast has been abruptly abandoned.

SAFTAcast host Scott C would like to apologize for this “radio silence.” He agrees that it was not fair to keep listeners and fans uninformed for so long.

“I’ve heard from listeners, former guests, and friends that they miss the show and who were surprised it went quiet with no notice,” said Scott C. “Unfortunately, I’ve had to devote myself to some unexpected personal matters this spring. Due to their sensitive nature, I did not say anything on social media about the show, either directly or through the podcast’s website.”

Scott C adds that The SAFTAcast prides itself on being a unique program and knows listeners demand a certain level of quality from it. He feels the show would suffer if he is not able to completely dedicate to each episode. As such, The SAFTAcast will be going on an indefinite hiatus, effective immediately. It hopes to return this summer but is not setting a specific date at this time.

Scott C and The SAFTAcast would like to thank the listeners and fans for their support throughout the past three years, and the podcast looks forward to continuing its mission of getting to know writers, editors, and publishers beyond their creative works.


Scott C

SAFTAcast host and coordinator

saftacast at gmail dot com


facebook dot com slash saftacast


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