Episode 64 – Dan Crocker RETURNS!

The SAFTAcast holiday season begins with an old friend! Dan Crocker – one of our first guests – comes back and updates us on a lot of things, from  good comic book movies of 2016 to reassessing “the beats.” It’s an eclectic interview, indeed.

Check out Dan’s semi-regular column at We Want Insanity, and download a free PDF of his latest chap, The One Where I Ruin Your Childhood, from Sundress Publications’ e-chap page.



Music credits:

Intro: Our December holiday opening music is “2 Song Xmas Medley” by Langford. It is used under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Creative Commons License. It can be downloaded here, along with other works from the artist. The song can also be found on the 2012 SomethingAwful Goon Christmas Album, made by the forum members at Something Awful.


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