Episode 49 – Erin Elizabeth Smith!

Some quick, opening notes:

1. If you’re visiting ’cause you heard about us at AWP 2016 in LA: Hi. We’re The SAFTAcast. Nice to meetcha.
2. If you’re in LA, stop by Sundress Publications table and get in our “Mugshot” contest. (Full details here)
3. And follow Sundress on Twitter (@sundresspub) for more prize-chances by playing their “#sunhunt”

Ok – episode time. It’s our two-year birthday episode and who better to have as the guest than Sundress/SAFTA founder Erin Elizabeth Smith! Yes, she’s finally on the show and it’s everything you ever wanted. Erin reveals where her cooking skills started, what “American cuisine” can go away, and how she manages to manage all of  Sundress and SAFTA’s projects. And we take some listener questions.

Episode 49



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