Episode 47 – Bonus Content Blitz!

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these – let’s open the SAFTAcast vaults and see what’s been in storage.

Episode 47
Episode 47 (Introduction/Scott C on this episode):

BONUS #1: Before each interview, Scott C runs a few mic tests to check the equipment. He never can seem to do a simple “1, 2, Silabance” though.

BONUS #2: Recording the opening monologue is not easy, as these bloopers and outtakes prove.

BONUS #3: Cut content from Episode 22b with Sara Winn and Mx Mack (on drinking coffee and sleeping, which devolves into a giggling fit all round):

BONUS #4: Cut content from Episode 42 with Todd Kanenko (on kimchi and Big Macs):

BONUS #5: Cut content from Episode 46 with Gemma Cooper-Novack (on her favorite cheeses):

BONUS #6: Cut promo. We recorded and released this promo for Ep. Kaya Oakes. Just a few hours later the news broke about the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon, so we decided to pull the promo (feeling the timing made it “in bad taste”). But, in the interest of completion on this site, this is the promo:

BONUS #7: Cut holiday 2014 content. Scott C is not really a musician. Yet he had the idea to try doing a Christmas track, a spoken word, call-and-response track to Becky Kelly’s “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?” It didn’t come out as good as Scott C envisioned, so he ultimately cut it.


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