Happy 50th Birthday to WHRW, 90.5FM

Heads up! There’s a new episode inbound this weekend, with guest Gemma Cooper-Novak!

But we at The SAFTAcast would like to take a few minutes out of your today and say congratulations.

Before he became the host of our podcast, Scott C was a college DJ at WHRW-Binghamton. On February 4, 2016 the station marks its 50th year anniversary. It now stands as one of the few remaining free-format FM stations in the US, and we at this podcast hope it continues for many more decades.

To kind of celebrate, Scott C culled through his archives and pulled six of his personal favorite “carts” (tracks used to either: Identify the station’s call letters, promote a local non-profit, or deliver a public service message).

So, congrats WHRW! And now, regular visitors, enjoy some vintage, pre-SAFTAcast Scott C!

Beyond his own shows, The Cosmic Muffin Radio Show and The Days of Wayback, Scott C was a regular panel member on the channel’s weekly quiz/game show, The Mad Trivia Party. When they did a show on Maundy Thursday one year, the show opened with this skit.

Shows that may have had suggestive content had to air a disclaimer once an hour. Here’s Scott C’s legendary (at the station) “Movie Mix” disclaimer:

Scott C did not write this Public Service Announcement – the “AIDS Microphone” – but he did save it from being lost on an old, analog tape by re-recording it from memory one afternoon.

Station IDs!
1. Scott C was unsure what he was going for here, but it worked.

2. One of Scott C’s first forays into soundscapes and envelopes (techniques he’s used in SAFTAcast promos)

3. Toward the end of his time at the station, Scott C was just recording seemingly random gibberish with the tagline “WHRW-Binghamton: It Doesn’t Always Have to Make Sense.” This is not even nearly the weirdest one in the set.

Shut Up

Happy birthday WHRW.


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