Episode 28 – The RANDAcast!

Last month, Scott C went to Minneapolis for the annual, massive AWP convention. There, he recorded five-minute interviews with any and all passersby. We call it “The RANDAcast” – as in “random guests” – and we think you’ll find the results are awesome. As always, listen below or right-click the pic to download for later. (And look down in this post for a complete list of all the guests.)

Episode 28

Guest list (in order of appearance):
Danielle Loughran
Jais Gossman
Bradley L. Kelly
Rachel E. Kelly
Jay Snodgrass
David M. Hassler
Michael Bloom
Melanie Jordan
Kevin Dwyer
Bolin Jue
Justin Eisenstadt
Katherine Bell
Jessica S. Frank
Susan Thurston
Lowell Mick White


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