4/22 – Bonus Content #2

If you didn’t listen to last week’s promo, Scott C is “on vacation” this week from the show. In it’s place is some bonus content! But first, even though he’s on a break, Scott C did think to spend eight minutes to let listeners know about some big, upcoming SAFTA events! Listen below, or right click the pic to download for later

Episode 27a


Now, bonus content!

1. Before each interview, Scott C does a few mic tests. As you’d expect, he’s not always serious when he does them.

2. Ever wonder what Scott C actually said for Neil Aitken’s promo, “An Omitted Apology?” Well, now you can.
First, the promo as you heard it:

Now, the unedited version:

3. Here’s some cut content from Episodes 21 [Chris Petruccelli] and 22 [Janeen & Rick Rastall]

4. And, lastly, one from the vaults. Some listeners have asked for “something from Scott C’s radio days.” Okay. Here’s one of the openings to The Cosmic Muffin Radio Show (which ran from 1999-2005):

We’ll be back next week – with a new promo for a new episode!


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