On A Future Day in History

The SAFTAcast will officially debut its first episode on Tuesday, March 25, 2014.

Until then, do some other things. Here are a few suggestions:

– Repeatedly click on the four main pages of this site to learn more about The SAFTAcast
– Bookmark this site for future reference
– Browse the many journals – and their back issues – of Sundress Publications
– Go to the grocery store and pick up a few things
– Sleep
– Brush your teeth twice a day
– Discover a new music artist
– Update the maps on your GPS device
– Drink a ginger ale
– Do some laundry
– Purchase something from the Sundress store
– Sit quietly and catch up on the local news
– Rename your shoes
– Count, then recount the number of staplers you own
– Finally get out the vacuum and clean that damned rug in the front hallway
– Hard boil some eggs
– Call a distant relative
– “Like” the following pages on Facebook: Sundress Publications, The Sundress Academy For The Arts, and Firefly Farms
– Watch that movie in your Netflix queue that you’ve been putting off
– Eat raw cookie dough, ignoring whatever Toll House says on their packaging
– Buy a bicycle tire pump
– Address a waiter as garçon
– Purchase a second thing from the Sundress store
– Curl up with a book, but instead of reading, reminisce about good vacations you have had
– Consider if and when you ever knew someone who actually ran away to join the circus


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