Promo – Sept. 22, 2016

Scott C meets an “old friend” when touring the SAFTAcast vaults.

Episode 60 – Catherine Moore!

Our guest this time is the most awesome poet Catherine Moore! In addition to discussing their favorite words, she and Scott C try to answer some important questions, including: Can someone say they have no “hometown”? When can poetry be funny? And is Gen X afraid of or for its children?

Follow Catherine on Twitter at @CatPoetic, and check out her page!



Promo – Sept. 8, 2016

Find out who’s on our next episode – right after the morning announcements.

Episode 59 – Emily Capettini!

Prepare thyself, because number 59 is here! On this episode, author Emily Capettini stops by. She and Scott C do not mince words about the books and writers they hate, and then wonder about “limited edition” Oreos.

Check out Emily’s recent essay, “Extra Life,” over at Queen Mob’s Teahouse, and pick up a copy of her award-winning book, Thistle, from Omnidawn press.

Episode 59


Promo – August 24, 2016

Scott C pays tribute to the recently deceased John McLaughlin – the only way he knows how.

Episode 58 – Trish Hopkinson!

On your marks. Get set. Podcast. Episode 58 is here! Trish Hopkinson is a busy blogger and poet. But she takes some time to stop by and discuss memorable movie characters, what it’s like to volunteer at Sundance, and how Utah is not a punchline.

To keep up with all of Trish’s efforts, check out Rock Canyon Poets, Provo Poetry, and her personal blog. (And check out this local coverage of the famed “Poetball” machine!)

Episode 58


Promo – August 10, 2016

Scott C is competing in the “Podcasting Olympics.” But he is not immune to sappy network reality TV style coverage.

Episode 57 – Kristin LaTour!

Get ready, because poet Kristin LaTour is on the show! In this wide-ranging interview, she and Scott C wrap their heads around Minnesota’s love of meat raffles, the Mall of America, and expensive purses. And Kristin explains how she would improve baseball games.

And don’t forget to pick up your copy of What Will Keep Us Alive, available now from Sundress Publications!Episode 57


Promo – July 27, 2016

Scott C “simplifies” things in this week’s SAFTAcast promo.


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Promo – July 13, 2016

To announce next week’s guest, Scott C plays that augmented-reality game everybody’s been talking about the past week.

Couple credits:

Special thanks to T.A. Noonan for her inspiration (and knowledge!) when making this one.

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